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Fred Lane Memorial Himalayan Fund
Fred Lane was a devoted Buddhist and film maker who in 1992 made the very difficult trek to the remote monastery of Serang Gompa in the high Himalayas of Nepal. This monastery was reportedly founded by Padmasambhava, the founder of Buddhism in Tibet.

The remote location of this monastery in what is called KYIMOLUNG (meaning a hidden valley in the Himalayas) has preserved the ancient practices of Buddhism. Its very location off the trekker paths to Manaslu also makes it difficult to provide needed maintenance to the many buildings. Fred captured his adventure to Serang Gompa on Hi-8 video and produced a remarkable film for its time - KYIMOLUNG. After Fred's death the film sat unseen for all these years. Friends of Fred have released KYIMOLUNG on DVD to raise money to provide an ongoing maintenance and construction fund for the monastery.

A one minute preview of KYIMOLUNG is on the right. The complete film is available for a streaming purchase. The proceeds go to support the monastery at Serang Gompa.

Join the many others around the world in supporting the old practices of Buddhism and creating a sustainable future in the hidden valley of the Himalayas. With a minimum $50 donation to the FLMHF, a string of Tibetan prayer will be blessed in your name (or names of others) and the flags hung at the monastery.

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Streaming video for Kyimolung
San Diego film showing of Kyimolung
Sunday January 19, 2014 @ 7 PM
Encinitas Community Center
1140 Oakcrest Park Dr.
Encinitas, CA 92024

Tickets: $15 or pay what you can at donation button.
Refreshments: Tibetan/Tsumba bazaar table
Contact: Ron Ranson at Ron@yakyakmedia.com

For this event only we will also show a recent film from the eastern Tsum Valley in Nepal (Serang Gompa is located in the high western section) that explores the positive and negative aspects of bringing a road to the eastern section of the valley and no doubt disturbing forever the very valley where yoga and poet Jetsun Milarepa lived. Join our special guests Dr. Sonam Lama and his sister Phunjo Lama from this very remote valley in Nepal who will introduce the film.

Thanks to all who attended this successful event!
PRAYER FLAGS OF NEPAL - A Visual Meditation
Fred Lane Memorial Himalayan Fund board member Ron Ranson is a filmmaker from San Diego, California. Ron served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal in the 1960s and has returned to Nepal many times.

In 2012 Ron and his son Tim spent a month on location in Nepal shooting a very unusual film related to meditation. PRAYER FLAGS OF NEPAL includes multiple music/high definition video chapters designed to reduce stress and increase controlled/relaxed breathing. These chapters are available for paid streaming. All proceeds go to the FLMHF.

Purchase DVD for this video

Streaming video for Prayer Flags of Nepal
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Thamserku @Thamserku_Group

And this is how Namche Bazaar looks like - image taken from #Farak Ri ! #Nepal #trek #Namche #Khumbu #exploreNepal http://t.co/6USPmkhkuh

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Pino at HERE @haikus

The view #landruk #nepal #annapurnabasecamp #trek #himalayas http://t.co/DwS9xjZ8UP http://t.co/7pVP2S9kyc

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Guerrilla Trek Nepal Dream Path

Max Altitude: 3915 m. at Phagune Pass
Trip Grade: 2
Lodging: Camping

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Victor Ng @belon1986

RT @haikus: The assembly #landruk #nepal #annapurnabasecamp #trek #himalayas http://t.co/bP1YrHIcun http://t.co/c93oiRmyna

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Pino at HERE @haikus

The assembly #landruk #nepal #annapurnabasecamp #trek #himalayas http://t.co/bP1YrHIcun http://t.co/c93oiRmyna

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abovethehimalaya.com @abovethehimalay

provides stunning contrasts, high waterfalls and colorful flowers bloom beneath white snow peaks. http://t.co/jjLIQ4tVTD

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Francis @Halfanesey

A beautiful but long trek in Nepal a few years back with mezzepa #AirborneBCXAdventure @basecampx http://t.co/JXzbzotu5h

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Cap sur l'Extreme @CapsurlExtreme

Everest family... #Himalaya #Everest #Nepal #adventure #India #Inde #mountain #summit #8000m #hiking #trek... http://t.co/N1xltSChPZ

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Pino at HERE @haikus

The procession #newbridge #nepal #annapurnabasecamp #trek #himalayas http://t.co/kOwxtsT470 http://t.co/AfuRVrUzW8

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Ailene @ailz01

Photos: What It's Like to Trek Nepal for a Living http://t.co/rk0IMFzgiJ via @CNTraveler

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Photo of the Day @lcphotooftheday

This photo was taken during amazing trek around Annapurna in Nepal. The trek is 230km long and takes about 2... http://t.co/BSjyTUYVxs

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Pino at HERE @haikus

Scary suspension bridge #newbridge #nepal #himalayas #annapurnabasecamp #trek http://t.co/RCYGz9IxHr http://t.co/dcd6SZseVy

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Love2Live~Live2Love @FashnOnTap

RT @CNTraveler: Ever wonder what it's like to trek through the Himalayas for a living? Take a look: http://t.co/mDYjCe0j7h http://t.co/TNwB

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AboveTheClouds @AboveCloudsTrav

Sunrise on Mt. #Everest and its neighbors from a camp on trek in east #Nepal.

The mountains are… http://t.co/xwG1OYsw4M

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Cassie and Oren @42ndClass

Into Thin(ner) Air: Part 2 of Our Himalayas Trek http://t.co/JOFnFGlgJA #asia #nepal #travel #rtw

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